Who’s it for:

If you are confident to work independently, or have done one of our beginners courses or similar then these sessions let you use the space to make work at your own pace. We will give you a short induction so you know how to use our equipment safely and what we expect from you to ensure safe studio practice.

What’s included:

Ongoing making and technical support

Use of our excellent equipment, including 8 wheels, slab roller, wall extruder and handheld

Access to a range of high quality clays

Use of our range of house glazes

Kiln space at set firing temperatures

Small shelf space allocation to store ongoing work

We use a ‘weigh and pay’ system for each item made,  depending on which clay is used, which covers clays, decorative slips and our house glazes and both Bisque and Glaze firings.  ( ie  S/W is £8 per kilo, which is our most popular clay. )

Use of your own clays and glazes is only with prior agreement with Kit, as we need to know what is going in our kilns!

Prolific makers:

While we don’t want to curb anyone’s creative enthusiasm,  to make it possible to fire all courses work regularly, prolific makers will not necessarily have all their work fired and be asked to pay extra towards the cost of extra kiln space needed. 

How to book:

You can book individual sessions, but please make sure you book each date singularly !

All our sessions are 3 hours and are held on Tuesday afternoons 1.30-4.30 and Tuesday evenings 6-9

Individual sessions are £20 each


Studio Access

Studio access ( Level 2+) TUESDAY pm /eve

Studio Access

Studio access ( Level 2+) TUESDAY pm /eve